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Title: “Chosen”
Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Characters/Pairings: Korra
Genres: Character study
Rating: G
Word Count: 207
Summary: Korra, despite being a waterbender, breathes fire.
Notes: For someotherchick.
Mirrors: AO3, Tumblr

Korra is, first and foremost, a waterbender.Collapse )
Title: Art for This Temple Tilts
Fandom: Supernatural/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: TARDIS, Impala, Death; gen
Genres: art
Media: Digital & traditional
Rating: G
Fic Masterpost: here
Notes: I made like a million disjointed pieces of art for this challenge, haha. So there's no real linear progression; this is just an art dump. Enjoy~

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I absolutely loved working with cheeky_duckie, and her fic is fantastic :DDD There's nothing I love more than anthropomorphized TARDIS & anthropomorphized Impala, so when I saw her fic, I just flailed with joy. The masterpost is this way; go read it! ♥
Title: “Tons of Feels
Fandom: Supernatural/House of Leaves (fusion)
Characters/Pairings: Chuck Shurley, Becky Rosen; Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Genres: Crack, fusion, meta
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~6,000
Warnings: Oblique mention of suicide in a footnote
Summary: Chuck discovers an essay Becky wrote about Wincest.
Notes: Thanks to twoskeletons, zempasuchil, callowyn, and moragmacpherson for their contributions and betaing. :) I know I could've added more extensive footnotes, bibliography, etc., but this was meant to be something quick, and I've got other essays to write. :P Enjoy~

Also, neither Becky's feels nor Chuck's feels reflect my own.
Mirrors: AO3, PDF

PDF: download

Tons of FeelsCollapse )
Title: Art for College Days
Fandom: Marvel's Runaways
Characters/Pairings: Nico, Karolina; Nico/Karolina
Genres: art
Media: Traditional (Prismacolor marker)
Rating: G
Fic Masterpost: here

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I absolutely love Runaways, and I was super excited to see it come up on smallfandombang. :D pada_something does a great job of capturing the sense of nostalgia/loss that accompanies growing up and parting ways, and I in particular liked the tension between Nico and Karolina. ♥
Title: “春雨 (Spring Rain)”
Author: [personal profile] mercredigirl
Reader: xenoamorist
Challenge: [community profile] chromatic_podfic
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairings: River Tam, Simon Tam, Malcolm Reynolds; gen
Genres: Character study
Length: 6:32 (1,571 words)
Rating: T
Summary: They depart, far away from the spaceship where the 汉字 are painted all backwards and wrong.

The story of Dr Tan Jiaming and his sister Hena, and how they left Serenity.
Notes: Contains Mandarin. Translations haven't been provided; the codeswitching is about the same level as the show.

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Title: Art for In His Image
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Gabriel, Cathy; gen
Genres: art
Media: Mixed: 2 digital; 1 traditional (Prismacolor marker)
Rating: PG
Fic Masterpost: here

In His Image is by far one of the best fics I've ever read, and it's unfortunate that school obligations and other deadlines crept up on me and prevented me from devoting my full attention to illustrating the story. The writing is top-notch (like seriously, this is publishable work and I keep forgetting that I'm reading fic. whit_merule ranks on my top three fic authors now); the story is well-paced; the historical background is so thoroughly researched but also incorporated seamlessly into the story. The characterization is flawless as well. This is pretty much everything I ever wanted out of a Gabriel fic, and it was a pleasure to work with whit_merule. \o/

Oh, and the title banner is meant to look sort of like a Bible cover. Hopefully my 20-minute attempt to slap together a banner managed to convey that. XP

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The fic masterpost is this way → click! Go read it. If you're into long!fic, you're in for a treat. :D
Title: Art for Made of Earth
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Lisa; gen
Genres: art
Media: Traditional: pencil, watercolor
Rating: PG
Fic Masterpost: here @ in_the_tree
Notes: This post contains spoilers for the fic. Also, it’s like 3AM and I’m super tired, so please excuse my commentary if it’s a little lackluster.

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Title: “The Beast I Rode Upon”
Fandom: Supernatural/Torchwood
Characters/Pairings: Castiel, Jimmy, Myfanwy, Ianto; gen
Genres: Crack, crossover, AU - canon divergence, pre-series (Torchwood), don't have to know canon (Torchwood)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,394
Challenge: torchwood_fest/xrai_namere, “Crossover with Supernatural: While searching for God, Castiel travels to the prehistoric era. His vessel is Myfanwy. Or anything with Myfanwy being Cas' vessel. I'm not fussy.”
Warnings: Discussion of vessel consent issues
Summary: In the heat of battle, an incantation tears Castiel from his vessel and throws him 65 million years into the past. Castiel needs to find a temporary vessel and a way back, but his journey doesn't quite end in the present, either...
Notes: Thanks to prosopopeya and metavolition for betaing. Title and italicized quote are KJV Nehemiah 2:12.
Mirrors: AO3

Potestas inferna, me confirma.Collapse )
Title: “Close Encounters of the Fourth-Dimensional Kind”
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Castiel; Castiel/Castiel
Genres: Crack, self-cest
Rating: G
Word Count: 181
Challenge: Self-cest Comment Fic Meme/anonymous, “As you travel through time and space, sometimes the lengths of your waves intersect.”
Mirrors: AO3

The first time Castiel does it, it’s an accident.Collapse )
Title: “Believe”
Fandom: Supernatural/Stonehenge Apocalypse
Characters/Pairings: Jimmy Novak, Jacob Glaser; gen
Genres: AU, crossover, pre-movie
Rating: G
Word Count: 689
Challenge: Self-cest Comment Fic Meme/[personal profile] skullage, “Jimmy used to worship God. Now, he needs something more tangible.”
Warnings: Post-Angel Stress Disorder
Summary: Jimmy used to worship God. Now, he needs something more tangible.
Mirrors: AO3

Castiel is gone.Collapse )