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[podfic] “春雨 (Spring Rain)” (Firefly, PG-13, gen)

Title: “春雨 (Spring Rain)”
Author: [personal profile] mercredigirl
Reader: xenoamorist
Challenge: [community profile] chromatic_podfic
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairings: River Tam, Simon Tam, Malcolm Reynolds; gen
Genres: Character study
Length: 6:32 (1,571 words)
Rating: T
Summary: They depart, far away from the spaceship where the 汉字 are painted all backwards and wrong.

The story of Dr Tan Jiaming and his sister Hena, and how they left Serenity.
Notes: Contains Mandarin. Translations haven't been provided; the codeswitching is about the same level as the show.


“春雨 (Spring Rain)” by [personal profile] mercredigirl

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High Quality (9.4 MB, MP3)

Credits and other notes: Photo used in the cover art by jpstanley on flickr; texture by slayground on tumblr; text typeset in Adobe Heiti Std and Orator Std; cover art put together in Photoshop CS5; podfic recorded in Audacity using a Zoom Handy Recorder H2 microphone.
Tags: @podfic, [author] mercredigirl, [challenge] chromatic_podfic, [char] firefly: malcolm reynolds, [char] firefly: river tam, [char] firefly: simon tam, [fandom] firefly, [genre] character study, [length] 5:01-15:00, [pairing] none, [rating] pg-13, [status] complete
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